Seyeong Yoon  윤세영

Seyeong Yoon is Video Artist based in Seoul & London exploring methods of shifting and shattering existing social, cultural, and political paradigms as well as investigating into the essence of [human] being / human existence.

Seyeong Yoon was born and raised in the small city of Gwacheon, South Korea, home to the original National Museum of Modern Contemporary Art (prior to the Seoul location) where Yoon first encountered video artist Nam June Paik and the MMCA-commissioned work ‘Dadaiksun’. After first beginning as an animator / vfx artist in San Francisco, Yoon entered the commercial video industry as a video director & editor in 2014, working with clients like Google, NBA Style, ELLE, Arabian Ranches Golf Club, Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, and more. In 2017, he moved to London to attend UAL(University of the Arts London) and immersed himself in the London fashion scene, collaborating with Central Saint Martin (CSM) and London College of Fashion (LCF) fashion designers on experimental fashion films. For his senior thesis, he studied the works of Fluxus, an avant-garde artist movement of the 1960’s in Germany and New York.

From there, he began to seriously pursue video art, and returned to Seoul in 2019 when he was selected as the headliner video artist of ARTE, a Seoul-based artist collective with a community venue sponsored by NAVER and HIRO MASUMOTO, which was later disbanded as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. In Seoul, he collaborated with notable South Korean brands and venues such as IISE, Seoul Community Radio, and Vans Korea, etc. Most recently, he collaborated with South Korean electronic music producer Glam Gould, creating a visual accompaniment to the song ‘The Eclipse’ from Glam Gould’s latest album ‘Wave I Don’t Own’, marking the beginning of their ongoing collaboration. For the video piece, Yoon manipulated live action footage of the currents of the Donghae Sea through After Effects to create a deep-contrast, highly saturated look that evokes destruction, deconstruction and the grotesque as is characteristic of his video work.

Yoon is holding his first exhibition at Museum of Modern Art Rio de Janeiro (Museu de Arte Moderna do Rio de Janeiro) MAM (CINEMATECA DO MAM-RJ) Rio, Brazil, with his Festival ECRàofficial-selection video art work, from 1st July to 10th July, 2022.

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