Making of ONIT.LIFE | Behind the Scenes with Seoul Community Radio | By Tommy Jeans & Trippin

as a Director of Photography (DP) 


Tommy Jeans x Trippin x SCR

DP: Seyeong Yoon
1st: Pianwoo


Last week’s ONIT.LIFE VR adventures were made possible with big support from Tommy Jeans & Watch our journey to making ‘A Decade of Seoul Parties’ an actual reality from a virtual dream in this mini-film

지난주 선보인 ONIT.LIFE VR은 @trippinworld와 @tommyjeans의 서포트에 의해 실현될 수 있었습니다. 가상의 꿈 안에서 본 실제 현실이 담긴 ‘A Decade of Seoul Parties’의 메이킹필름도 많은 시청 바랍니다.

ONIT.LIFE - Seoul Community Radio launches new virtual clubbing and gaming platform First event ‘A Decade of Seoul Parties 2010-2020’ aims to raise awareness around Seoul’s under-threat nightlife legacy. Korea-based international radio station Seoul Community Radio (SCR) has announced it will launch - a new virtual clubbing and online exhibition platform aiming to fuse electronic music culture with the limitlessness of online gaming.


Production @yoon_seyeong @pianwooo Music: @venkovintage @jellvako

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